Feb 28, 2007


The puppies are getting so big and so sweet. They play together and growl and bark....too cute!!!

Feb 18, 2007

Some recents of the Kiddos

I havent had time to take any pictures ...these puppies keep me very busy! Im always tryin out new things so a few of these are a bit extreme..hope you like!!

Feb 12, 2007

~The Puppies Are Here!!~

WOW....Sasha had 10 beautiful puppies yesterday. We have 5 boys and 5 girls. Their is 3 fawns and 7 brindles. All with white stripe on face and white chest. Just gorgeous little darlings! We have been very busy taking care of them and I'm sure have alot of long nights ahead!! So I would like to introduce you to all Sasha's babies.......

Feb 6, 2007

~Sugar & Spice~

Of course more...pics of Sierra! I couldnt resist the lollipop pictures ..just too cute! I cant until I get my new camera, I need it so bad so I can start building my portfolio! Thanks for looking everyone. (and theres 1 pic of Andrew too)

Feb 2, 2007


I thought I would include some pictures of my other baby...Sasha. We bred her in September with another boxer "Kilo". So now she is very pregnant, due any time this week! I cant wait, very excited to be a grandma...lol. There is also 1 pic. of them together , so as you can see these pups will be so adorable!!! I will post pics of them as soon as they are born!