Jan 24, 2008

This was a great shoot! From bubbles to suckers.. to trucks and balls.. what ever we had to entertain little Jason! He wasn't into the whole "picture thing" LOL. But man when he gave me eye contact what a gorgeous little dude! All these beautiful blue eyed babies! Chantal your gallery is now up! I hope you love them!

Jan 15, 2008


Well it was a close one thats for sure!! I cant believe how close, with only a few votes between each winner! Wow.. I will contact each of you and let you know when you're prizes are in!

1st place winner is April Windsor with Annie's Picture, Congrats!!
2nd place winner is Michele Winter with Hailey's Picture, Congrats!!
3rd place winner is Kim Grant with Jacob & Coles Picture, Congrats!!

For everyone that was in the contest, thanks so much for entering! It was fun and wow.. I had over 1, 000 views of my blog, thats wonderful!! I will be having many more contests in the future so keep watching for your photos! As well as I am going to be giving away some wonderful gift certificates!!

Jan 8, 2008


PLEASE READ.. You need to leave your name with your vote , or the vote doesnt count!! Thanks.

It is now time to vote!! 7 images are pictures clients have submitted, the last 3 are some of my favorites ! If my selected image wins the prize will go to you if it was from your shoot! The rules are simple.. get your family and friends to vote for you! only one vote per person is allowed.. vote in the comments section under the photos....just put in the number of the photo and your name! The contest will run from Jan. 8 - Jan. 15 !!

Have fun and play fair!! The winners will be announced on Jan. 16! Good Luck.

The images are numbered in the order they appear.











Jan 3, 2008

Happy New Year ~2008~

Well 2008 is here ! I've decided to start the year off with a little contest for my clients! I want to see your favorite image from our shoot, so please send me an email tessaryanphotography@hotmail.com and describe to me which image you picked and I will then post all the images from each person on here. Then I would like you to get all your friends and family to VOTE for you !! They can do so in the comments section under the photos, I will number each image. This contest will run for 1 week only so hurry and get your pictures in and votes rolling...

Awesome Prizes to be WON !!
The winning image in each category will be used for the prize.

1st prize ~ 8x10 Canvas~
2nd prize ~8x12 Print mounted on board~
3rd prize ~8x10 Brush laminate print~

The contest will run from Jan. 7 - Jan. 14 and the winners will be contacted and announced on Jan. 15 !! Good luck to everyone and I cant wait to see which images you pick!