Apr 28, 2008

Tavin :)

My nephew is going to have ALOT of pictures done in his life.. haha We had a birthday celebration for my Bro-in law and of course Tavin was looking as cute as ever so I just had to take some photos of him :) hehe

My bestfriends little girls!

I have had such a great few weeks! My bestfriend from out west Meaghan, came to visit for a couple weeks. It was very nice to have her here and also it was my first time meeting her newest addition to her family "Kayla". My daughter and her oldest daughter are the same age and had a great time playing together :) I managed to get a few snaps of them on a very busy morning!! Loved having a baby in the house again.. they sit some what still..haha

Apr 6, 2008

Miss Katrina

This was the smallest baby I've ever held!! She is only 5lbs and such a beautiful little doll!! I only had the chance to snap a few photos of her and her sisters before nap time... but had a great visit with her! So nice that all my friends are having babies.. I can get my baby fix !!! haha