Mar 13, 2007

~Busy Busy~

I haven't been able to take any pictures lately at all and its killing me :(

These puppies are keeping me very busy. We only have 2 that aren't spoken for yet! They are so sweet and are going to very good homes. 3 and a half more weeks and they will be ready for their new homes.

The day is coming very soon to go Camera shopping!! I cant wait, finally! I haven't 100% picked the one I want for sure, but man have I done ALOT of research on it. The weather is starting to warm up as well so I will be outdoors all the time!

I do have some bad news :( Our landlords have put our house up for sale! Which really makes me sad , however we have decided to look into buying so it will be nice to finally have our own house. We are also car shopping as well. I really want a van (3 children need room) and my hubby would like a big I think to compromise we're going to get an SUV...I think an envoy or rendezvous..We'll see. I'm very excited to go car shopping too! So many things underway for next month.

My hubbys birthday is on Thursday and then on Sunday is Andrews 1st Birthday!! I cant wait. It doesn't feel like its been a year already. Time sure does fly now that I have 3 babies. Sierra starts school this fall . She is so excited, and baby Andrew is going to day care. So I will be out on the job seen once again. I miss working :(

I only have pictures of the puppies lately....I call this one "puppy pile"

Mar 3, 2007

Puppies ~3wks~

We only have 4 babies left to sell :( Im very happy to say that I have found awesome homes for each of them so far!!! I will be sad to see them go , but also happy ( I get no sleep). Its like 10 new borns in the house..ahhhhh. I tried to get a nice picture of each of them and kinda worked for some! They didnt really want to model for