Dec 20, 2006

My Fave far!

I would like to share some pictures with you. These are some of the ones I have fallen in love with! There are alot of my daughter because she doesn't "run" away from the camera! LOL...not yet anyways. Please feel free to leave any I love to hear what people think of my work.

I am currently working with a compact digital so these were definitely challenging to capture! I will be upgrading very very soon...and then I can start my dream to capture wonderful memories for everyone! I will be building my portfolio soon so anyone interested in having their photos done please drop me a line...I would love to give you wonderful pictures to cherish on your walls!

1 comment:

~NADINE~ said...

OMG!! I love all these pics! You are wicked at this and should be making tons of dough doing it professionally. My absolute favourite is the one of your daughter with the fur hood. That is a amazingly beautiful pic, she should be a model if she isn't already! Keep it up girl you got the TALENT!!!