Apr 27, 2007

Beautiful Little Girls

I had my first Newborn shoot on Wednesday and it went great! The children were just adorable. The baby was awake for most of it but then fell asleep at the end for some cute sleepy shots. I had alot of fun doing this shoot and learned some very useful things.

I only need a few more shoots to finish building my portfolio so if anyone is interested please let me know...I am getting very booked already !! I have a few toddlers next week and another itty bitty baby coming up so Ill post pics as soon as I can. Thanks for looking!

I would like to introduce to you little miss Hailey and big sister Jocelyn.


Sonya Somerville said...

These photos are quite beautiful. You have managed to capture the look of innocence. I love the natural beauty with very few props.


Anonymous said...

Amazing picture's Tess.
Another job well done like always!
What sweet little girls.
Love Mom

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