Apr 23, 2007

Moving along quite well..

I have been very busy lately! Lots of shoots booked and many more in the making. I am having such a great time capturing these wonderful memories for others, its just the best feeling ever. This is my dream come true. I would like to say Thanks to my mom (biggest fan) and of course Brandon (hubby). If it wasn't for you mom believing in me and giving me the best advice and honest opinion I wouldn't be doing this! Thanks so much. Brandon I love you for letting me explore this other love of mine..you're a great man and I'm proud to be your wife.

So, I'm sure the next few posts you will see some "fresh faces" I know you all love my children but I will admit it will be nice to start photographing other people. I am very excited to say, I have my first newborn shoot on Wednesday...shes just a sweet little girl, only 4wks old and so tiny! Her big sister (2yrs) will also be joining us for this shoot! Cant wait, they are both such little dolls.

I've been very busy lately but I have managed to take a few pics of Sierra and Samantha. I hope you like them.


Anonymous said...

Tess,I didnt know that what I said had an affect on you for what you said,about that.I thank you.Im sure glad it did because, you are well on your way to becoming (Canada's next best photographer)!
My advice to you is keep doing what your doing because,you are awesome at photography and that is my honest opinion after only 3 pictures I saw of your first real shoot today Iam overwelmed at how good you truley are!
People are very lucky to have you capture there forever lasting moments and memories with your photos.From your biggest fan!MOM

Anonymous said...

All the pictures on this site are great the storey board of Sierra is amazing.
I love all the pictures of Sam they are also amazing.
What can I say except you take amazing pictures cant wait till you post some from your baby shoot.Like I said,I dont even know that baby and I wanna buy some pics..lol..Get those pictures on here.
Love Mom